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Eco School

In our school we are passionate about the environment and believe we are all responsible for looking after it.

In 2023, ten Key Stage 2 children were elected to become members of the Eco Council. Since then we have been following the Better Planet Schools education project, to support us in reducing our environmental impact.

The Eco Council have lead whole school Collective Worships and offer additional opportunities to all children to engage them in initiatives to reduce waste, increase recycling and improve the biodiversity of our grounds and surrounding areas.


Some examples of our work so far.

  • Recycling Scheme: We have signed up to a recycling scheme collecting unwanted items to help the environment and also support fundraising for our PTA.
  • Owl Sanctuary Logo Competition: A local Owl Sanctuary requested design ideas for their new logo.
  • World Book Day Challenge: The Eco Council set the whole school a challenge. ‘Who can wear the most eco-friendly costume?’
  • Completed the Plastic and Waste module for Better Planet Schools.

Use the following links to play games and learn more about helping the environment.

Join the Pod www.jointhepod.org
World Wildlife Fund gowild.wwf.org.uk

Congratulations to the ECO Council for completing and passing their first module on Plastic and Waste. You can view the presentation they gave to the whole school here – Plastic and Waste Presentation