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Our Classes

We have six classes throughout the school. Each year we take into consideration the number and needs of pupils when setting the class structure.


Ash:        Miss Sanford
Cedar:   Mrs Evans
Elm:        Mrs Palmer
Maple:  Mrs Drew
Oak:       Miss Peach and Mrs Edwards
Willow: Mr Briggs
The curriculum each class follows can be found on the curriculum page of our website. A link to this can also be found on the weekly update for each class. Homework is also communicated on the weekly update.
Each class posts regularly on their ‘class story’ on ClassDojo. When your child joins a class you will be emailed a link to join their classdojo. The class story allows you to follow what your child is learning in school.


Information for parents/carers

At various times during the year teachers run workshops for families on the themes that were requested in the latest stakeholder survey. Presentations and notes from these meetings are then uploaded to the website to help those who could not attend.

2022/23 Meetings Held

Reading and Phonics Led by Miss McElwaine (September 2022)

2021/22 Meetings Held 

Reading and Phonics Rec and Y1 led by Mrs Evans and Miss McElwaine (Oct)
Spelling for years 2-6 led by Mrs Drew (Oct)
Special Educational Needs (SEN) led by Ms Peach (Nov)
EYFS KS1 Maths led by Mrs Evans and Miss McElwaine (Feb 2022)
KS1 Online Learning led by Miss McElwaine (Feb 2022)
KS2 Online Learning led by Mr Briggs (March 2022)

Google Classroom Support Area

We use GC as our blended learning platform.

How to use GC for parents short video

How to use google classroom.