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NOTE: RHSE Policy was consulted on in 2020 and adopted by the FGB in December 2020. 

Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

Essential Information:

Sex education at High Ham is not compulsory. Relationships, Health education is mandatory.
Our policy which refers to the schemes of work we use has been written in consultation with all stakeholders.
Our RHSE policy and associated appendices can be found in the document library below. 

Background Information:

As a Church school we are part of the Bath and Wells Diocese who have supported our school with how to implement RSHE and to ensure it aligns with our church school ethos.

There is government guidance as well as Church of England and we make use of a range of resources including the ones promoted by the Bath and Wells Diocese (Goodness and Mercy) which has primarily been written for Church of England schools.

Scheme of Work:

We have used the ‘Goodness and Mercy’ knowledge organisers and activity plans to plan our rolling programme which is included in the policy appendices. We use a number of resources to support this programme including for the oldest children the ‘Living and Growing’ resources produced by Channel 4 Learning.

Document Library:

RHSE Policy

RHSE Policy Appendix 1 Health-Education

RHSE Policy Appendix 2 Relationships Education

RHSE Policy Appendix 3 Sex Education