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School Uniform

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School Uniform

  • Grey tailored trousers, shorts or a skirt
  • White polo shirt (with or without school logo)
  • Green sweatshirt (with or without school logo)
  • Grey socks/tights
  • Sensible black shoes suitable for daily mile (not open toed sandals)

PE Uniform

  • Yellow polo shirt (with or without school logo) or High Ham sports top (this is only available from Schoolwear).
  • Green shadow striped shorts or black tracksuit bottoms
  • Trainers
  • Green crew neck jumper (with or without school logo) or sports hoody (from Schoolwear or My Clothing)

Optional Coat: There is a school logo reversible fleece/coat should you wish to purchase it (from Schoolwear or My Clothing)

Making school uniform more affordable 

All our uniform can be purchased locally in plain colours without the school logo if families wish.  The PTA also organise second hand sales.

Additional Equipment

Book Bags: Children are asked to bring their book bags into school each day for their reading books as well as any homework. These can be purchased from the uniform shop or elsewhere. Please remember for safeguarding purposes, we do not recommend that names are put on the outside of bags. Sometimes a small key ring attached to the handle which your child can recognise is a better option.

Pencil cases: Pupils from year two onwards are encouraged to bring in their own pencil case with basic equipment in. Each class teacher will remind their  class what would be useful to have in a pencil case. If they do not have a pencil case, the teacher will ensure every child has what they need for the lesson.

Computers: During usual term time if homework activities require the use of a computer and you do not have one, please let us know.

Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL): At different times the class teacher will organise outdoor sessions; the children will need wellies, old clothing and, weather depending, a warm waterproof coat.

Lunch Boxes: If your child brings in a lunch box, please make sure it is labelled and well insulated.

Water Bottle: The children need to bring in a water bottle with a sports cap (to help reduce spillage problems) which they can refill using our filtered water unit throughout the day.

Additional Information: 

Jewellery and Accessories

Children may wear a watch if they wish and small stud earrings.  Earrings cannot be worn during PE Lessons.


On a regular basis we have mufti days; this is a day where children do not need to wear their uniform.

Celebrating Birthdays

Rather than bring in sweet treats or a cake on your child’s birthday children are able to wear their ‘own clothes’ rather than school uniform. If their birthday falls on a weekend/in a holiday they can choose to wear their own clothes on the next school day.

Please name all of your child’s belongings.