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School Communication
An overview of our methods of communication.

Monthly Update
Our last two monthly online updates are below and past copies can be accessed via this linkĀ  #HighHamSchoolNews (click on latest tab to see them in date order).
March 2022 Update
April 2022 Update

Sports Letters
Our latest letters are below and past events can be viewed at #HHSFixture (click on latest tab to see them in date order).

Our current trip letters will be added below and any financial contributions can be made via WisePay.

General Letters

All our school communication is accessed via the school website. When letter/flyers are added they appear below. We have a school daily twitter feed which acts as our online noticeboard and each class also has a twitter feed. At the end of each week on twitter we add a summary of all the information that has gone out in the last week, so you can check if you have missed anything (when the link opens in twitter if you click ‘latest’ you will then see the summaries in date order).

Contingency Plan for Blended Learning at High Ham