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NB: New Reception Class 2022

Your hot school meals begin in week 2.



At lunch time we cater for those who have a hot lunch as well as those who bring a packed lunch. Our hot school meals provider has their menus approved by County and has to meet a range of food standards. In terms of packed lunches we ask parents to provide a healthy lunch box.


Hot School Lunches

Each day we have healthy hot meals cooked by Parrett House Catering which they serve in our school hall. There are two choices of main courses including a vegetarian option, choice of two puddings and a cup of milk each day.

If you would like to book, please contact our catering company directly (Mrs Shelley Giles – 07793810078 or Shelleyg_01@hotmail.com) There will NOT be paper meal lists anymore, money can be paid by BACS or cash (which can be put in a sealed envelope in the lunches post box at the front of the school). All lunches need to be ordered by email, please do not ring through or text your choices to avoid confusion. Many thanks.

Prices: Daily £2.75. If you decide to purchase three or more meals in a week for a half term or termly block you can have a 10% discount.

KS1 lunches are provided once you have filled out the form please remember so we do not waste food or money, you need to opt out if you do not want them.

September 2021 Update: Will school lunches be cancelled? As you may be aware there is a possibility of a national shortage of food. I want to take this opportunity to reassure you that Mrs Giles (our school meals provider) would try to provide an alternative meal if the one on our planned menu was not available. Should there ever be a need to cancel lunches, we would also put it on the school website/twitter as soon as we were aware.

Key Stage 1 School Meals (Reception, Years 1 and 2)

Every child in Reception, Years 1 and 2 is able to have a free meal at school, this is known as Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM). The government has made this decision because a good lunch makes an enormous difference to children’s health, development and ability to learn. Here at High Ham Primary School, Parrett House Catering provide a free hot lunch for all of KS1. A menu is sent home before the autumn term starts to enable you and your child to choose their meals.  If there are menu changes mid-year, we will let you know. The menu will be the same as the ones shown on the right, which KS2 will also choose from too.

Key Stage 2 School Meals (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

KS2 Hot School Meals – The meal lists are on this page. If you would like to book, please contact our catering company directly.


Packed Lunches

What should I put in a packed lunch box?

The Government are understandably encouraging parents to pack healthy lunches for their children and guidance can be found on their ‘Change4Life’ website.


What about nuts?

At High Ham, we have several children with nut allergies. Therefore we do ask pupils not to bring in nut products and instead save those for at home. If our staff think a product may contain nuts they will send it home.


Can my child have help to eat their packed lunch?

We ask parents to pack a lunch that their child can eat themselves without any help. The role of a lunch time supervisor is a busy one and also from a health and hygiene point of view it is better for the children to eat independently.


What snacks contain nuts?

As I am sure you appreciate manufacturers regularly change the ingredients for products so we do not provide a list.


What can I do to help?

Whilst we understand and appreciate that everyone has different views and some children have different requirements (For example, for medical needs some children may need a high calorie diet), we ask parents to provide a heathy lunch box which their child can eat independently. If you can help our lunch staff by not sending in snack packets for them to check, we would be most grateful. It is also the ideal opportunity for you to work with us in encouraging your child to eat a healthy lunch as we can all appreciate that this is sometimes difficult. For example, a piece of fruit does not need checking.


Does that mean hot school meals children have a treat (pudding) and lunch box children don’t?

No, not at all. At the end of the day, it is up to parents/carers what they choose to put in lunch boxes. But if you can refrain from putting in packaged items which children cannot open independently or contain nuts, we would appreciate it. The Change4Life website has lots of suggestions for snacks you can use or make together at home and what sort of treats you could add. However, regularly parents say to us that their children won’t eat different foods but often at school they will, so sometimes it can be a good opportunity to encourage your child to try new things. But we all know every child is different, so please just use your common sense and do what you feel is both right for your child and supports the schools lunch routines. We want lunch time to be a positive experience for all children.


What happens on a school trip day? 
All KS1  children will be provided with a nut free/meat free packed lunch and they will need to be bring their own drink. On KS2 trips any children who have FSM (Free School Meals) will need to bring their own lunch but if they would prefer school to provide a packed lunch, then please contact the office the week before the trip and this can be arranged.

Summer 2022 Hot Meal Menu:

Developed with the School Council

KS1 and KS2 Menu